Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Auto ride (+ lecture) yesterday

Delhi's been in a frenzy ever since campaigning for the upcoming elections began. The entire city is littered with campaign material (so much for the 'swach bharat' mission!) and syrupy campaigners ring my door bell every once in a while. I took two auto rides and a taxi ride yesterday. Predictably, talk veered towards the elections and if the conversations I had were anything to go by, (and yes, yes 3 people is no opinion poll!) David might just win this fight. At least, it's evident a lot of hopes are pinned on AAP. All of them mentioned the trouble they had with officials extracting money from them.."Bas is se chutkaara chahiye!" Did you know that to get a license to drive an auto rickshaw, one has to be what is called a 10th pass? "Sarkaar hi itne bekaar kannoon banati dusvi pass ki farzi certificate banaane mein majboor ho jaate hain sab. Kejriwal hi kuch kar sakta hai" said the first auto driver whom I hired from Greenpark to Saket. (The government makes completely inane rules..all of us have no other way but to procure fake 10th pass certificates. Only Kejriwal can do something") 

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