Monday, November 22, 2010

meet gyanvati

Gyanvati comes and cleans my house everyday . At first I thought it ironic that her name was Gyanvati, as she can't read or write a single word . But then,when did being literate have anything to do with wisdom? We have a conversation almost everyday over tea . I must admit that it often just consists of Gyan delivering monologues while I am crouched over work pretending to listen . Her conversations are usually to do with her current conundrums and she has the habit of reciting whatever she said yesterday ,today;and I know she will repeat the same things again and again for the next few days till she finds another quandary to delineate. So, in the past five months that she has worked with me, we have basically had three subjects of conversation . The first being the lady who worked for me prior to Gyanvati and how she never came back after her 'chutti'( Her main worry was that in the unlikely event of her returning , I would fire Gyan). The second was when Gyan herself wanted to take a holiday and could not find a trustworthy replacement for ten days ; someone who would not usurp her job. Lately , (she's back from her vacation) her pet peeve has been my neighbour who doesn't let he enter the house before seven am ...wasting much of her time in the morning . She complains about her in an embarassingly loud voice .Now both she and I wait desperately for my neighbour to change her mind .


  1. Hey Kuriyan! I love this blog of yours..... didn't see it before.

  2. Everything in your blog is awesome, super awesome. Great piece of creativity. One thing I hated you was when you space in front of commas and fullstops.

    1. Thank you anonymous. I know! those spaces (especially here) are atrocious. Will try and be better with them.



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