Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little story about little things

Lately I have been noticing how many creepy crawlies so inconspicuously inhabit my house. This, being just a few of them . Tiny though they are, each one has distinct, precisely drawn motifs all over their body..just like they have their own distinct kismets.
Yesterday , the lady who irons my clothes returned a neat pile,in the Fab India brown bag I usually give her . Along with my clothes, out popped a little worm . The kind that does a head stand,lifts up its tail,brings it close to its head , then stands on its tail end, and dives forward head on to move forward. It had basically made a trip from the ironwallah's shed near the park,to my home, which in worm miles might be the distance between my house and the Agra. Anyway , I decided to be kind, and let the worm demonstrate its walk through the entire day . I didn't think I'd see it again , but through the day I spotted the caecilian ,on my couch - in the afternoon , on my bookshelf - in the evening , and on my TV stand at night. Just when my thoughts were veering towards what a long journey it had taken from the shed and all that balderdash, in crept a thick lizard. In about 5 seconds it cruelly masticated the tiny worm to death.

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